Thanks to our skills, we are able to integrate or carry out a market study referring to a technical aspect, such as the use of high-end materials with long availability on the market, or for an antecedent commercial aspect, or already present on the market, where we will evaluate what the market demands are, such as the most receptive areas to use it, the sales price ranges, etc…

We are part of a big family.

Electronics Outsourcing is the main branch of our group, Iseini Group. Thanks to sectoral diversification, we are able to offer a consultancy service not only from a technical point of view of the product, but also by creating innovative marketing and advertising strategies. The collaborators of the various company branches are always looking for new limits to overcome in order to stimulate their desire for growth.

  • Economic study of the finished product
  • Target reference study and design
  • Study and design of sales campaigns

We would answer this in this way

First of all with courtesy and availability! For us, each customer represents an opportunity to demonstrate our dedication to work on a daily basis. We are open to any request and we are not afraid if you ask us to get our hands dirty for you.

Thanks to the processes studied over the years, we have acquired a mastery of work management which makes it extremely easy for us to manage orders, even the most urgent ones.

Mr. Iseini is young but aware that experience is essential to achieve the objectives set. Our purchasing/warehouse manager (30 years of electronics experience), our administration (20 years of electronics experience), our sales manager (20 years of electronics experience), the technical manager (15 years of electronics experience).


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