Our PTH department is the first activity carried out for our customers and it is thanks to the high daily production capacity and the assembly and overhaul precision that the company has earned the trust of the market and has been able to expand.

Our two assembly and welding lines allow us to provide great PTH production flexibility so as to guarantee our customers a production service that requires less notice than the competition.

Why entrust us with your products?

One of the most heartfelt company policies is to work hard to satisfy our customers and earn their trust over time.

  • Flexibility: thanks to which we are able to offer different manpower services at competitive prices and quickly
  • Production quality: our manual assembly processes are constantly monitored by our managers
  • Quality of materials: we use only high quality and ROHS compliant materials, to ensure an excellent workmanship finish and compliance with the relevant standards
  • Work certification: with the new Weller WX welding systems, which allow us to offer a traceability and safety service in the ERP-EMS manual finishing process, we are able to extrapolate a Trace Ability certified welding report

We would answer this in this way

First of all with courtesy and availability! For us, each customer represents an opportunity to demonstrate our dedication to work on a daily basis. We are open to any request and we are not afraid if you ask us to get our hands dirty for you.

Thanks to the processes studied over the years, we have acquired a mastery of work management which makes it extremely easy for us to manage orders, even the most urgent ones.

Mr. Iseini is young but aware that experience is essential to achieve the objectives set. Our purchasing/warehouse manager (30 years of electronics experience), our administration (20 years of electronics experience), our sales manager (20 years of electronics experience), the technical manager (15 years of electronics experience).


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